Stephen Willats

Strange Attractor Series No.27 . 2013

+ Victoria Miro

Drawing has been key throughout Willats’ practice, often as a signifier of larger ideas. From the start of his career in the early 1960s, Willats has rejected aesthetic expression in favour of positioning his drawings as active ‘data’, which offer a means to communicate a way of looking at and thinking about our environment.
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Wolf Vostell

Endogen Depression


There have been approximately nine versions of Endogen Depression, a work that Vostell started in 1975at the Hannover Art Museum, Germany. This installation consists of approximately forty objects; including tables, dressers and tube televisions that together bring up references of a traditional domestic home. Continue reading Wolf Vostell


Mika Tajima

Negative Entropy (Langhorne Carpet Mill, single) . 2012

+ Eleven Rivington

The series of woven wall works, also titled Negative Entropy, are acoustic portraits of either aging factories that employ industrial textile Jacquard looms (an early precursor to digital technology) or server colocation centers that comprise today’s outsourced data infrastructure…
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