Marlene Dumas

Nuclear Family . 2013

+ The Stedelijk . David Zwirner

Dumas often finds inspiration in newspaper and magazine images from her immense visual archive. The artist believes that the endless stream of photographic images that bombards us every day influences how we see each other and the world around us. Dumas addresses this onslaught by revealing the psychological, social, and political aspects of these images. Continue reading Marlene Dumas


Michel Parmentier

Peinture n°5 . 1965

+ Galerie Jean Fournier

For his works in the 1960s Parmentier drew his inspiration from what was happening in his everyday life. Until 1965 he sporadically used wrapping paper and newspapers as inserts and collages in his paintings. He was interested in these materials for their patterns and colours. Sometimes, too, he tore off pieces of his canvases, then overlaid the missing areas differently.
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John Divola

Clive Wearing’s Dilemma . 1990

+ Wallspace

Clive Wearing is a renowned neuropsychology patient with no short-term memory, finding himself in a continuous present, in a continual condition of awakening. For Divola, Wearing’s case provides a possible analogy for the photographic experience, the reception of a present devoid of context. Continue reading John Divola