Andy Coolquitt

ruby44 From ga Age Over 60 Gender Female How often do you shop at jcpenney? Frequently Recommends this product? No . 2013

+ Lisa Cooley

As a self–proclaimed “artist of exhibitions,” Coolquitt typically works to manipulate the physical and psychological dynamics of his environments (what he often refers to as the “density” or “openness” of the space) by altering the relationships that his objects have with each other, with the viewer, and with the surrounding architecture… Continue reading Andy Coolquitt


Paulo Nazareth

for BLACK . 2014

+ Mendes Wood DM . ArtAddict.net

Contrary to what the observer who is unsuspecting, naïve and hungry for exoticism may think, the work of Paulo Nazareth is heavily political. Free of random and gratuitous elements, the work dismantles our references and questions, without offering definitive solutions concerning the fixed position of certain stereotypes in the contemporary world: what is being black, African or indigenous? Continue reading Paulo Nazareth


Walead Beshty

Performances Under Working Conditions . 2014

+ Petzel Gallery

In his new exhibition, Walead Beshty continues to explore the ways in which objects accrue and produce meaning through their placement and circulation in the world. Using the preexisting design of the gallery tables and desktops as a readymade, Beshty created polished raw copper sculptures built to the dimensions of the gallery’s working surfaces.
Continue reading Walead Beshty