Nairy Baghramian

Jupon Réassemblé . 2016

Nairy Baghramian . Jupon Réassemblé . 2016 (1)

photos: © Timo Ohler . + S.M.A.K.

Taking its title from a French phrase that means an adjustment to one’s worldview that results from being overly specialized, Déformation Professionnelle also speaks of analysing one’s profession or métier: in this case the artist’s method. Baghramian radically liberated her oeuvre by reducing it to a supporting structure around which, as it were, she built a prosthesis in the form of this exhibition. Continue reading Nairy Baghramian


Nina Canell

Reflexology . 2016

Nina Canell . Reflexology . 2016  (1)

+ Leo Xu Projects

Taking the practice of reflexology as her starting point, Canell uses the exhibition format to investigate how the varying meanings of the term might be interpreted through the relationship between the work and its viewer. Continue reading Nina Canell


Claudia Comte

Curves and Zigzags . 2017

Claudia Comte . Curves and Zigzags . 2017 (1)

Desert X

Curves and Zigzags is the third work from an ongoing series of free-standing walls that straddle painting and sculpture. Comte’s practice embraces all media with equal ferocity and she uses this series to examine what happens when two-dimensional painting is superimposed on three dimensional structure. Continue reading Claudia Comte


Callum Innes

Exposed Painting Indigo . 2017

Exposed Painting Indigo . 2017

+ Sean Kelly

In “Exposed Paintings” a single tone of blue pigment, created by the artist, is painted on to the canvas. Turpentine is then repeatedly applied by brush to remove the paint before it dries, washing away or, as Innes has described it, “unpainting” the surface, leaving all but the faintest vestigial traces of color. Continue reading Callum Innes