Robert Rauschenberg

Mud Muse . 1968-1971

Robert Rauschenberg . Mud Muse . 1968-1971 (1)

+ MoMA

The early 1950s, when Rauschenberg (1925–2008) launched his career, was the heyday of the heroic gestural painting of Abstract Expressionism. Rauschenberg challenged this tradition with an egalitarian approach to materials, bringing the stuff of the everyday world into his art. Continue reading Robert Rauschenberg


Anne Imhof

Faust . 2017

Anne Imhof . Faust . 2017 (1)

photos: © Nadine Fraczkowski . + German Pavilion

A room, a house, a pavilion, an institution, a state. Glass walls and glass ceilings, fluid and crystalline, permeate the room as if it were one of the centers of financial power. The boundaries of the space disclose everything, making it both visible and subject to control. Continue reading Anne Imhof


Leylâ Gediz

Serpilen . 2017

Leylâ Gediz . Serpilen . 2017 (3)


The new body of work brings together paintings using a limited palette. Their subjects are drawn from the immediate environment of the artist. As such, Gediz’s paintings invite us to an intimacy of moments, in which the artist aims to connect with the world through her own ‘clutter’. Continue reading Leylâ Gediz


Louise Lawler

Nude. 2002/2003

Nude. 2002/2003

photos: © 2017 Louise Lawler . + MoMA

Among the most intriguing aspects of Lawler’s working process is her continuous re-presentation, reframing, or restaging in the present, a strategy through which she revisits her own images by transferring them to different formats—from photographs to paperweights, tracings, and works she calls “adjusted to fit” (images stretched or expanded to fit the location of their display). Continue reading Louise Lawler