Dustin Yellin

Ten Parts . 2016

Grimm Gallery - Dustin Yellin - Installation image

+ Colossal

Dustin Yellin’s artworks can either be read as three-dimensional collages or two dimensional sculptures. They are made from thousands of intricate cutouts from magazines, books, encyclopedias and found imagery. Continue reading Dustin Yellin


Phyllida Barlow

demo . 2016

Phyllida Barlow . demo . 2016  (1)

Photo: © Annik Wetter . + Kunsthalle Zürich

Her art is focusing on the basic components of sculpture, its history, possibilities, and discrepancies. At the same time she uses materials, forms and colors that spectacularly break with established ideas of sculpture: Instead of bronze or marble, Barlow uses cardboard, raw cement, mesh wire, and timber. Continue reading Phyllida Barlow


Ignacio Uriarte

Deflated Balls . 2016

Deflated Balls .  2016

+ Nogueras Blanchard

In his new exhibition Ignacio Uriarte draws attention to the more poetic aspect of his work through the exploration of different common gestures, such as the randomness of folding sheets of paper, the observation of the natural wrist movement while unintentionally using a pen, or the systematic repetition of typing a single character with a typewriter. Continue reading Ignacio Uriarte