Frank Gehry

Museum of Art renewal . Philadelphia

Frank Gehry . Philadelphia Museum of Art . + bustler

Design for the renewal and expansion of the Philadelphia Museum of Art by Frank Gehry. Gehry’s approach focuses on the transformation of the interior of the main building through the renovation of spaces like the Great Stair Hall, improvements to how visitors will enter and move through the Museum, and the creation of a substantial amount of new space for the display of more works of art and for a new Education Center. Continue reading Frank Gehry


Lacaton & Vassal

Transformation of 530 dwellings, block G, H, I . Bordeaux

Lacaton & Vassal . Frédéric Druot . Christophe Hutin

The project consists of the transformation of 3 inhabited social buildings, first phasis of a renovation program of the ‘Cité du Grand Parc’ in Bordeaux.
Built in the early 60’s, this urban housing counts more than 4000 dwellings. The 3 buildings G, H and I, 10 to 15 floors high gather 530 dwellings and give a capacity of transforming into beautiful dwellings with redefined qualities and comfort. Continue reading Lacaton & Vassal