Milstein Hall . Cornell AAP . ITHACA

OMA . Cornell AAP . photos: Matthew Carbone . William Staffeld . Mike Moyer . Cornell AAP

Occupying four distinct buildings at the northern periphery of Cornell’s Arts Quad, the College for Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) is currently a fragmented area, dislocated from the energy of university life. The new Milstein Hall – a 14,000m2 complex containing much-needed studio, exhibition and crit space, an auditorium and a new Fine Arts Library – is conceived not as a symbolic, isolated addition to the campus but as a connecting structure: a large elevated horizontal plate that links the second levels of Sibley and Rand Halls and cantilevers over University Avenue, reaching towards the Foundry building. Where a car park once stood between Sibley and Rand, a contiguous, multi-layer system of buildings and plazas will unite the disparate elements of the AAP, creating a vibrant public space adjacent to the campus’s most beautiful feature, just to the north – the Fall Creek Gorge.
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Herzog & de Meuron

BBVA headquarters . Madrid

. BBVA . dezeen

BBVA’s new headquarters is located on the northern periphery of Madrid. The site faces the highway and is surrounded by newly built offices, commercial buildings, and residential developments. It is a “site without qualities”, a site that is nowhere and everywhere at the same time, a desert-like non-place. Continue reading Herzog & de Meuron


RCR Arquitectes

museo Soulages . Rodés

RCR Arquitectes . Passelac & Roques Architectes . photos: © Hisao Suzuki . + architectural review

The brief contains a variety of exhibitions spaces in order to show the variety in formats and techniques from the painter about 1.500 m2 and a temporary exhibition hall about 500 m2. The entrance hall is about 300 m2. Offices with the documentation center and pedagogic workshops are about 400 m2. Cafe and Restaurant with an independent entrance is about 650 m2. And for founds and restoration spaces the surface is almost 650 m2. And toilets, circulations, and MEP rooms are also required. Continue reading RCR Arquitectes