Xavier Monteys

La calle y la casa

Xavier Monteys . La calle y la casa (1)

+ Editorial Gustavo Gili

“La calle es una habitación por consenso. Una habitación comunitaria cuyas paredes aportan los que allí viven, entregadas a la ciudad para uso colectivo.” Estas palabras de Louis I. Kahn son quizás las que mejor expresan la intención de este libro, el tercero de una trilogía formada por Casa collage y La habitación en la que Xavier Monteys se propone reflexionar sobre nuestras formas de habitar el espacio. Continue reading Xavier Monteys



The Ambition of Scale

Momentum . The Ambition of Scale (1)

+ Momentum

We live in a global world where, due to hyper connectivity, information is stored without any filter in the global network. But, is there any possibility of going beyond the concept of image as simple visual information? What is the difference between an image, a memory and a postcard? What can we represent through a graphic document? MOMENTUM arises as a response to a certain environment, where images potential is reduced to a quick and ethereal use that represents basic information. Conceived as a reaction to the insane amount of inputs and images to which we are exposed on the Internet, it proposes to open a new conversation and to go back to carefully selected personal references that will allow to represent a point of view on a certain topic, finding out new ways of thinking. Continue reading Momentum