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Cathedral extension . Straegnaes

Mass Lab . Cathedral extension . Straegnaes (1)

Mass Lab

Strangnas Cathedral sits at the highest point of the city. Marking the crossing of number o social, religious and cultural institutions. The presence of the Cathedral, symbolically and culturally, is the catalyst for the changes in the city and at the same time it mediates between the old and new.


Working with the pre-existing buildings follows the process of analysing their potential and current usage. The intervention is mainly focused on adapting the spaces while enfolding and improving them, without changing the exterior appearance of each building. This surgical attitude follows the strategy used for the wider scale. The project looks at the task as a process of interaction between the Cathedral as a center and the surrounding buildings as periphery. The two conditions are always interaction.

Join Together (Relink the Cathedral Hill with the City) :

\\ Date


\\ Client

Straengnaes Cathedral – Parish with Aspoe

\\ Location

Straegnaes, Sweden

\\ Area

46175 m2

\\ Type


\\ Team

Mass Lab:

Diogo Sousa Rocha

Duarte Ramalho Fontes

Lourenço Menezes Rodrigues

Lorenzo Mancini

Ana Rute Freire

Ralitsa Dimitrova Timeva

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