Pascal Convert

Panoramic view of Bâmiyân’s cliff . 2017

Pascal Convert .  Panoramic view of Bâmiyân's cliff . 2017 (1)

+ Eric Dupont

During his stay in Bâmiyân, in addition to a 3D scan of the site using drones with the help of ICONEM, Pascal Convert used an ordinary photographic technology adopted for detecting micro-cracks in wind turbine blades. This technology made it possible to produce a 1:1 image of the cliff using a system tiling thousands of photographs. In a dialectical way, combining the most contemporary of technologies with the most ancient, he decided to produce a photographic print of the whole cliff using the platinum-palladium procedure, a contact printing technique invented in 1880. The viewer thus has the feeling of being in front of a photographic object whose visual and tactile qualities are those of a direct print. The light of the Bâmiyân cliff is to be found somewhere in the cotton paper fibers.
Eric Dupont


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