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bornet house . ollon

savioz fabrizzi . bornet house . ollon (1)

savioz fabrizzi architectes . photos: © Thomas Jantscher

this former barn constructed of rubble masonry is in the centre of the village of ollon, which is densely built-up.


the ground floor is a single space, broken up by a utility area. the living room is to the west, next to the entrance, and the main bedroom, which is on a slightly higher level, is to the east. this difference in levels between the living area and the sleeping area reduces the spatial impact of the utility area on the sleeping area and gives the sitting room some height. the floor line is the same as that of the present sloping floor, and is therefore compatible with the existing wall openings.

these openings are all retained, in order to preserve the historic design of the barn. however, the west wall, which needed to be rebuilt, contains a window that runs across the entire width of the building. the design takes advantage of the unobstructed space provided by the sloping site to give the living room a view over the rhône valley, while the bedroom enjoys direct access onto a small terrace.
the lateral wall openings are left unaltered and are a modern reinterpretation of the wooden screen walls which used to help keep the barn properly ventilated. the new screen walls are aligned with the outer wall, and will provide the future occupants with a degree of privacy.

the basement contains an office with a bathroom, and the plant room, which is partly underground.
an exposed concrete slab, stained black, runs along the whole of the ground floor. the walls are covered in osb, also stained black.

client :
valentine bornet
collaborator :
barbora pisanova
programme :
living room/kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, plant room/cellar, area 84m2
volume sia 116 :
526 m3

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