Olesya Vodenicharska

Artist Residence . Engadine

olesya vodenicharska . Artist Residence . Engadine (12)

olesya vodenicharska

Placed as an extension to a prominent mountain ridge of Spuona above the natural limit of the trees, this proposal challenges one’s perception of the verticality of St. Moritz.
Through a carefully defined sequence of spaces, the project attempts to measure the relationship between the vastness of the landscape and the scale of the human body.

A square marks a precise location and the piazza at its center establishes a new horizon line that permits a view only of the surrounding moun­tains. Denying views towards the city, the piazza in the mountain creates a place for solitude and contemplation in the midst of high peaks while offering an experience radically different from that of the sprawling city in the valley below.
Residence units with atelier space provide in­frastructure for short-term visiting artists, and a generous exhibition space for their work is open to visitors.

The Limit of St. Moritz
Artist Residence in the Engadine
Professors Francisco Aires Mateus and Manuel Aires Mateus
Masters Diploma, Mendrisio ǀ 2016