Jose Dávila

Every Blind Wondering Ends in a Circle . 2017

Jose Dávila . Every Blind Wondering Ends in a Circle . 2017 (1)

+ Blueproject Foundation

The artistic practice of Jose Dávila is placed in the boundaries between the homage, the imitation and the critic. Dávila uses diverse strategies to disarticulate the relation between form and content, to address questions about the use and occupation of space, as well as to manifest the virtues and deficiencies of the referents cited. The imaginary that constitutes his work is based on a deep approach to Architecture and Western History of the Art, which allows him to create tautological games that refer to the legacy of Modernity and 20th century avant-garde. Often, the nature of his materials is as close to architecture as to elements of construction, which subscribes Davila’s work to the principles of Minimalism and Art Povera.
Blueproject Foundation


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