NOTEBLU Cultural Center . San Donà di Piave

ETB . NOTEBLU Cultural Center . San Donà di Piave (1)


Originally crossed by powerful streams of water pushed toward the city, the tank is today a dark and damp space, punctuated by a dense mesh of columns with a square base; a symbolic, powerful space, evocative but foreclosed to the city. The project starts from two conceptual references: the idea of ​​the water moving and that of the river as a system in constant transformation. These two images point at the recovering of the interior space as the one of the covering. The interior space, used as a hub for various social and cultural activities, is completely preserved in its structural configuration. It is made in four spatial units, of smaller scale, with a sliding system of curtains color Blue Klein. The covered area, accessible through a new internal staircase, is reconfigured as a big public covered loggia that extends and develops the possibility of use of the tank. Through a roller blind system, similar to the previous, blue Klein, it too can be put in several independent spaces. As theater curtains they are raised or lowered, depending on the spatial and acoustic needs of the event. The picture of the intervention leads to the nearby river and its slow flowing into the sea. The curtains reminding great fishing nets hanging along the nearby mouth of the Piave or temporary canopies of the traditional parties of the Republic of Venice.



Note blu

Project team: Alessandro Tessari, Matteo Bandiera
Project: Cultural Center. San Donà di Piave. Italy
Status: Public commission. Ongoing
Date : 01.2017
Client : Municipality of San Donà di Piave

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