Álvaro Siza

Showroom Revigrés . Águeda

Álvaro Siza . Showroom Revigrés . Águeda (4)

Álvaro Siza . photos: © Paulo dos Sousa

The Tile Coaling Industry headquarters lies 30 metres west of National Highway 1 at the 227 km. mark The facade of the new building is set parallel and ahead of the existing administrative building, linked by a raised, covered gallery at the upper level The two-storey structure has a 6.40×6.40m modulation. Formally, it consists of two linked bodies. The Exhibition Hall, on a square plan, is partially raised on pillars. It has a stepped roof crowned by a conical skylight. The second body, the offices zone, is on a linear plan with less depth. The roof is slightly curved and has an east-facing balcony/terrace. On the plan, the articulation of the two bodies describes an L-shape with arms In differing dimensions.


The raised body of the square plan creates a covered zone for visitor reception and the arrival and departure of vehicles. A dual height entrance containing the staircase and goods lift leads to the Exhibition Room on the second floor. The exhibition space is modelled by the stepped root and skylight which provides the appropriate type of lighting.

The building structure consists of walls, pillars and girders in reinforced concrete. Double gazing is used with stainless steel and wood in external and internal frames respectively. Mosaic flooring is used, while the walls are stuccoed. The wet area walls are protected by ceramic tiles to a height f 2 metres, and the outer walls of the building are protected by a granite slab socle.

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