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The founding directors announce a practice restructure

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Duggan Morris Architects

Since its inception in 2004, Duggan Morris Architects has grown from two founding directors to a practice of over 50 talented and skilled architects and designers. Through this twelve year period of successful collaboration, Duggan Morris Architects has continuously produced compelling and award winning architecture.Working across multiple sectors, for many of the leading clients of our generation, our business has continuously grown, and this pattern of growth and the many opportunities that have arisen as a result, has led to changes in the workings of the practice across a broad range and scale of projects.


Over the past two years in particular, our business model has developed significantly, through which the two founding directors have increasingly pursued diverging professional interests whilst continuing to ensure the practice delivers work to the highest standards. Accordingly, and after an extended period of mutual and positive reflection, the directors are now moving into new arenas operating separate practices and exploring distinct interests. This amicable demerger means that Duggan Morris Architects will continue under the direction of founding director Joe Morris, whilst Mary Duggan will be moving forward with a separate practice under her own name.

By nature we are meticulous, rigorous and collaborative. These qualities have underpinned the award winning work we have completed to date, and will continue to do so in the coming years. We are exceedingly positive about the direction of the practice, and remain fastidiously focussed on the needs and ambitions of our broad client base.


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