Guardian of time . Salir do Porto

NOUHEN . JOLIY . Guardian of time . Salir do Porto (1)

Mathieu NOUHEN . Roman JOLIY . + ArkxSite

Mathieu Nouhen and Joliy Roman awarded a honorable mention for ArkxSite’s Site Dwelling competition.


« Man and architecture have duty to remember, together they rise facing the sea safeguarding the landscape of the passage of time »

The chapel, dedicated to the protection of the sailors, melted in the surrounding landscape overlook the bay and anchor the site in the heritage of the region. The gaunted rocks of the ruins and cliffs, sculted by the ocean, sea spray and tempest, give to the visitors the image of time which passes.

To restore the void left by the time, the volume belong in the peak of the site. By his géometric lines, it support the landscape and the ruin, beneath this one, it offer a pedestal. Then the user experimented the place in a new way. He participate to a procession through the chapel that ends in the interval, between sky and sea. So, the Men have the sensation to be at the end of the world.

Reverse to the fleeting emotion that providing the point of view to casual visitors, the interiors has a slow and stretched temporality. The refuge give to its habitants a shipbuilding look protection challenging the primary elements by its contact with rock and water. The confrontation between the hectic nature and the geometrical forms instill erudition and spiritual uplift to the residents. Then, they own a duty to remember, like the architecture around them and especially the large library full of past experience.

Within the refuge, the Man becomes guardian of the time that passes, it safeguards its knowledge and the landscape.

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