Jansson . Lidman . Forsman

On a Hillside Desolate . Salir do Porto

Jansson . Lidman . Forsman . On a Hillside Desolate . Salir do Porto (1)

Tobias Jansson . Kim Lidman . Oscar Forsman . + ArkxSite

Tobias Jansson, Kim Lidman and Oscar Forsman awarded a 3rd prize for ArkxSite’s Site Dwelling competition.


Clearly visible from the beach of Salir do Porto stands a concrete wall. The erected concrete makes a cut in the scenery and leaves a predominant mark in the landscape, when seen from town. On the other hand the concrete wall is not visible at all when visiting the ruin, and due to its thinness it causes a more gentle impression seen from the old lighthouse on the opposite spit. On a Hillside Desolate is a play with perspective and visibility, a concrete colossus hiding in plain sight.

The wall acts as a border between climates, along the southwest side lays three plateaus where spaces for dwelling, eating and bathing are situated. Drenched in sun the concrete wall functions as a radiant wall that emits heat during night. All circulation is placed on the opposite side of the wall, facing the powers of nature, creating a tension between pause and movement, calm and stormy.

As the journey from town to the old ruins is quite a hike, a transitional axis between sea and ground makes the old ruin easily visited by boat.

All spaces are sheltered yet open, except on the plateau for bathing that is completed with a closed space; the sauna. Inspired by bathing traditions in the Nordic countries the sauna makes bathing pleasant all year, even in the mild temperatures in January. The sauna is lit from outside, providing a cozy space around the fireplace during the time the sauna heats.

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