Gianni Botsford

The Layered Gallery . London

Gianni Botsford . The Layered Gallery . London (1)

Gianni Botsford Architects . photos: © Luigi Parise . + AJ

The private gallery for an art collector provides a space to view and sort parts of the collection prior to hanging in the rest of the house. Conceived as part of the garden landscape, the Cor Ten extension is built to provide additional layers for the use of the garden- a room that opens out as a balcony, a room that serves as the gallery space, a concealed WC, and a protected outdoor space that serves as an outdoor kitchen.


Project team
Gianni Botsford
Jernej Cencic
Liz Tatarintseva
Luigi Parise
Yo Murata
Lucia Pflucker

Verona Construction Ltd
Heritage Consultant
Mitchell Taylor Workshop
Landscape Architect
Todd Longstaffe-Gowan Landscape Architects
Party Wall Surveyor
Phillips Consultancy Limited
Quantity Surveyor
David Parker
Service Engineer
Pearce and Associates
Structural Engineer
Tall Engineers

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