Single family house . Corsier

Bunq . Single family house . Corsier  (1)

Bunq architectes . photos: © David Gagnebin de Bons

This project is a reflection on how a villa residential area can be densified. The new house is situated in a garden beside an existing villa. No attempt was made to extend the existing building; instead, the building presents itself like a garden design, as a continuous fence that delineates a courtyard on its lower level and becomes a facade on its upper level.
This arrangement defines a path that leads from the street to the entrance, while the bedrooms are aligned around the intimate courtyard.
The construction, which is sunken into the ground, consists of reinforced concrete. Its structure above ground has a wooden skeleton.
The facade covering and the fence are made of burnt wood boards. The technique inspired by the Japanese “shou-sugi-ban” protects the wood from rotting.


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