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The project of the Kip Island Auditorium in Riga shows and reflects the new concept of the auditorium, as it has changed towards a new direction in the last century. The building, thanks to urban engagement and social inclusion, transforms the nature of the usual convention center which often creates a barrier within the city due to its large scale: here just the scale is used to engage the public through a strategy of solid.


Rather than attach to the existing exhibition center, the auditorium stretch the perimeter of the site, creating both a boundary and a filter to a new public plaza, filled with trees. Then the project keenly makes use of sections to engage pedestrians in the program of the building by elevating and exposing the underside of each auditorium space.

By elevating the auditoria, the project takes advantage of the exhibition center’s sitting on Kip Island, gaining 360 degree views of the city, and trough a fresh it creates a new public promenade which improves the public participation. This promenade finally culminates in an open room overlooking the plaza and city beyond, engaging the visitor directly.

Competition entry. 3rd Prize.

Kip Island Auditorium
Riga, Letonia
Bee Breeders (Architecture competition organisers) and Riga International Exhibition Centre
muka arquitectura
Moisés Royo
Carlos Orbea Martínez
Gonzalo García-Robledo
Cristina Martín Consuegra

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