120 Hours Competition

JIAN . 120 Hours Competition (1)

+ 120 Hours

JIAN entry awarded a honorable mention at the 120 Hours 2017 competition.


Jian is a simple structure. It stands solidly on the ground as well as it floats elegantly on slender stilts above it.
Just like the traditional Buyi houses. Jian provides shelter and exposure of the elements as well as pragmatic and poetic spaces for learning, playing and eating.

Jian is our interpretation of the local architectural typologies found both at the LiangMen School and in the area of Pu’An City in the Guizhou province in general The semi-tropical, humid climate of the region with its 100 to 140 centimetres of rain per square meter a year brings a clear logic to the LiangMen Schools’ existing buildings. The cantilevered floors of the first floor provides roof for the ground floor.

In our proposal we use what we have learned about the local architecture in the Guizhou province to be able to create a piece of architecture that would fulfil its purpose of giving the children and teachers at the LiangMen School a canteen and a library to be enjoyed every day of the year. Whether its raining or the sun is shining bright there is always possible to seek shelter or to be on top and embrace the weather.

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