Ignasi Aballí

Attempt of Reconstruction (Glasses) . 2016

Attempt of Reconstruction (Glasses) . 2016

Photos: Matthias Lindner © Ignasi Aballí . + Galerie Nordenhake

The group of works Attempt of Reconstruction, 2016, consists of a series of small broken glass objects – most of them used for measuring things like liquid, time or vision. The artist attempted to meticulously restore the discarded glass vessels by gluing their many fragments back together. The reconstruction efforts seem to be an impossible task, and the objects seem to be suspended in an uncertain epistemological state of in-betweenness. Unable to be fixed, the vessels become useless, they can’t contain any liquid nor can they be recycled. Although Aballí’s gesture of applying glue between the glass pieces is almost invisible, the object’s fate has been profoundly altered.
Galerie Nordenhake


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