Bataveljic . Zivanovic

Central Park Summer Pavilion . New York

Bataveljic . Zivanovic . Central Park Summer Pavilion .  New York (1)

Bojana Bataveljic . Nevena Zivanovic . + arquideas

The pavilion invites the visitors to unite with nature by experiencing it up close, walking in the crowns of the trees and observing nearby fauna and flora. Chosen location combines all the essential elements of nature and establishes a relation with other Central Park as well as surrounding contents, making the pavilion a serene, accessible and attractive venue for social activities and cultural events.


Sustainable wooden construction plays with the sunlight and shadows, creating a sense of walking through a sheltering birch forest. Cultivating additional plants along the pavilion allows its’ amorphous form to blend in with the environment. All the materials emanate warmth and feature modular structures, making the pavilion easy to adapt by moving panels and segmenting spaces as needed.

The ground level is intended for the highest degree of activities including a platform for concerts, a playground, exercise facilities, coffee shop and an art gallery. On the next level creative workshops, picnics and club meetings may be hosted using the provided tables. As the visitors elevate through the platforms, the content and the intensity of activities degrade. On the next level, benches and a walk path provide a pleasant and peaceful environment for walking and reading. The top layer is entirely open and intended for relaxation, meditation and observation of the park.

This restful oasis provides a versatile facility to gather, play, learn, enjoy free time and absorb the culture of New York city in a tranquil embrace of nature.

Pavilion has been designed as a symbiotic component of the Central Park’s ecosystem with minimal operational maintenance needs. Hence, the location and the materials used were carefully selected. Porous construction and use of wood allows rainwater to quickly reach the ground and return in it’s natural cycle. With it’s lightweight form, the pavilion doesn’t interfere with sunlight or airflows thus enabling further ecosystem development. Recycled wood has been used to build a modular construction system that enables adaptations without a need for a construction site. All the existing trees in the location have been carefully considered and integrated; additional flora is comprised of plants native to the region, eliminating the need for irrigation.

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