de Nardis . Calabrò


Fögler + Rott . WALL-SCAPE . Sagres (1)

Margherita de Nardis . Elena Sofia Calabrò . + ArkxSite

Entry for the Site Landmark competition by ArkxSite in Sagres, Portugal.


The Algarve coast appears like a place rich of fascination and great panoramas; designing a landmark in such a characterized location means to enhance what is already there, intervening with gestures that don’t dominate the fundamental subjects: the rocks, the ocean, the light, the horizon and the view over the adjacent promontories. The project, using the element of the wall, tries to suggest different points of view and brings the visitors along a panoramic promenade, which reveals visual relationships with the surrounding; the wall, in fact, beginning from the close road and being made by different heights, encourages to discover the place. The choice of using this element derives from the analysis on the near buildings (the Sagres fortress, the Beliche fortress and the Cape St. Vincent lighthouse): they’re characterized by the existence of different spaces , linked by one or more continuous walls. Along the path, which follows through the wall sometimes crossing it sometimes chasing it , there are three buildings with three different functions: the restrooms, a multi- purpouse space with storage, and the final belvedere. This last one is diversificated from the other two, being imagined like a mark: its purpose is to guide and to focus the visitors view, in particular the Sagres coast. In fact the architecture of the belvedere quotes the Sagres caves atmopshere: the overhead light and the defined view to the ocean.

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