Mann Capua-Mann

Region of Vaud Sport House . Leysin

Mann Capua-Mann . Region of Vaud Sport House . Leysin  (1)

graeme mann & patricia capua mann . photos: © Thomas Jantscher

The project is expressed as a collection of small volumes and refers to the density of chalets forming the traditional villages in this region.
However, it provides a free interpretation by reminding a visitor the characteristic hotel buildings of Leysin: a large house consisting of several small volumes.

The project is built on the natural flat area at the top of site overlooking the outdoor sports area. This elevation of the building provides an amazing visual relationship of the mountains and the background. This separation also allows an independent entrance detached from the main volume. The house sits delicately on the slope requiring a minimum displacement of land and restoring the natural site. The large window and adjoining terrace suggest the community nature of this construction. They highlight the panoramic views from the dining and living hall which extend to the outside.

Each room has a shower and a separate bathroom as well as two bung beds in order to produce a space for relaxation for the occupiers. The bunk beds offer a cabin atmosphere and create ample space. The traditional and innovative choice of linking these small wooden volumes, built with rigorous geometry emphasizes the location and the nature of the services on offer.

Client ‘Fonds du Sport Vaudois’ Foundation
Competition 2010

Function Residential
Gross floor area 3.000 m2
Volume 14.500 m3

Architects Graeme Mann
Patricia Capua Mann
AssistantsThomas Wegener
David Martinez
Vincent Morel

Civil engineer Kurmann & Cretton SA
Model maker Yves Gigon