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The Kunstmuseum . Basel

Kunstmuseum Basel | Neubau; Kunstmuseum Basel | nouveau bâtiment; Kunstmuseum Basel | new building

Christ & Gantenbein . photos: © Julian Salinas . + the kunstmuseum


The New Building for the Kunstmuseum Basel now open to the public.




The extension is the contemporary counterpart to the main building from the 1930s. The concave corner of the extension, a welcoming entrance right at the bend of the street, spatially refers to the straight arcade of the Kunstmuseum. The organization into three floors, with skylights at the top and windows in the middle, is inspired from the original typology. The façade in water-struck grey bricks perpetuates the compactness of the light limestone volume. Delineated by loadbearing concrete walls in a cross, the new exhibition spaces assume their permanence while leaving the staircase to modulate the resulting areas.

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