Luiz Eduardo Lupatini

Lost Landscape . Carrara

Luiz Eduardo Lupatini . Lost Landscape . Carrara (1)

Luiz Eduardo Lupatini . + Rethinking

Extraction sustains our society, and even in recent decades we have been advancing technologically, we have not progressed enough that slowing down the pace would be possible. We rarely stop to think about the origin of the materials which makes up the built environment, or the raw materials necessary to the endless demands of contemporary human activity. And so, as the world population has become increasingly more and more urban, the landscapes that provide these raw materials become more remote and spatially distant from the daily view, and since literally these landscapes disappear, we can think of them as lost landscapes.

In proposing the intervention in an extraction site, in addition to readjust the space for a new use, it is aimed to strengthen the genius loci, highlighting an atmosphere that encourages the visitor to reflect on the impacts caused by the operation, represented in this case, the contrast between human scale and monumentality of the site.
Occupying the voids of a quarry, the proposal is developed through a main axis, which are arranged the bath areas, interspersed with stays dry, it is necessary as a way to go by the visitor. Seeking to express the way through a minimalist language, uses primarily to local raw materials to shape the spaces through the process of addition and subtraction, establishing a dialogue between raw material and human production.

Architect: Luiz Eduardo Lupatini
Project: Lost Landscape – First Prize Carrara Thermal Baths Competition / Rethinking Architecture Competitions
Location: Carrara, Italy
Year: 2016

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