Daniel de Paula

testemunho . 2015

Daniel de Paula . testemunho . 2015 (1)

photos: © Filipe Berndt . + SITU

The artist collects samples from drillings carried out for public works of urban mobility on the State of São Paulo, such as the Subway and the Rodoanel (Greater São Paulo’s Beltway), among others. These major axes of displacement are true vectors of urban structuring, inducers of an exponential territorial expansion and determining factors for the formation of land prices and the arrangements of land use in cities.
By turning the external space of the gallery into a meeting point of these rocky core samples, gathered from various parts of São Paulo’s metropolitan region, the artist contrasts the geological time of the gradual formation of the earth’s crust, to the time of construction and expansion of cities. Conjoining two divergent perceptions of soil, one guided by its symbolic value and another instituted by the negotiation and exchange value.
Galeria Leme

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