Luca Selva AG Architekten

Hegenheimerstrasse Courtyard Development . Basel

Luca Selva AG Architekten . + arc 2012


The aim of this project is to develop a specific typology for a courtyard situation that results in a precise sense of scale, sustainable efficiency and satisfied high quality standards for living space and urban surroundings.

The scale and added-on typology of the pre-existing courtyard architecture are echoed in the two different elements and connected with the advantage of a highly efficient closure of the complex. The resulting volume appears composed in its articulation and is well integrated in the site in terms of size and scale.

Studienauftrag / Study Commission 2008: 1. Preis / 1st Prize
Auftraggeber / Client: Wohngenossenschaft Hegenheimerstrasse Basel
Projekt / Project: 2009
Projektleitung / Projectmanager: Sonja Christen, Gian-Andrea Serena

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