The Trapped House . Guangzhou

URBANUS . The Trapped House .  Guangzhou afasia (1)

URBANUS . photos: © Zhang Chao . © Meng Yan . © Jiang Qingzhou . © Zhang Chaoxian

The Mengsheng Community in the Haizhu District of Guangzhou got its name out of the saying that the descendants of Mengtian, a legendary general of Qin Dynasty(221B.C-207B.C), resided here. The project is located on Upper-Mengsheng Street, a long and winding alleyway. The original house was a three-story brick and concrete structure that the owner built in 1985 with each story having a floor area of merely 22 square meters. It is closely surrounded by its neighboring buildings. Continue reading URBANUS


Collet & Muller

Caudalie logistic building . Gidy

© Maxime Verret

Collet & Muller Architectes

This logistic building is situated on a large plot. Thanks to its automated logistic system, the storage density can be increased more than the usual standards. Instead of the habitual horizontal 12 meter high storage buildings, here the footprint is minimized: the ground is left as wild as possible. Therefore this set of slightly different boxes, from 9 meters to 30 meters high, generates a specific landscape. Continue reading Collet & Muller


Muñoz Miranda

Building of 73 Apartments . Málaga

Muñoz Miranda . Building of 73 Apartments . Málaga afasia (1)

Muñoz Miranda Architects . photos: © Javier Callejas . + archdaily

This is a project that appears on the seashore, near a preexistence of a protected smokestack from the beginning of the 20th century, that informs us of the industrial activity in that area, at that time the industrial outskirts of Malaga. Pairs of identical buildings were built, as if they were twins, on the seafront, like an extension of Malaga center, and converted it into a new promenade for the city, close to where the economic crisis had left the last two land plots unbuilt near the industrial vestige. Now, after more than a decade, this place is completed with two “stepbrothers” projects; by the same mother (the city plots) but different fathers (the architects of each project). The project aims to make it easier to understand the place linked to the smokestack of the twentieth century. Continue reading Muñoz Miranda




LAN . Moa OFFICEs . MARSEILLE afasia (0)


The project is the result of a formal strategy capable in a single gesture of transforming constraint into asset and combining the requirements and ambitions related to the project situation in the city and the program expressed by the Moa. Continue reading LAN