Emilio Isgrò

Encyclopedia Britannica . 1969

Emilio Isgrò . Encyclopedia Britannica . 1969 (1)

+ Art | Basel

‘My work with “erasure” started in 1964, when I began using black India ink to strike through great classics of world literature – from Dante’s Divine Comedy to Shakespeare’s tragedies – and a variety of brochures and newspaper articles. Continue reading Emilio Isgrò



Juergen Teller Studio . London

6a . Juergen Teller Studio . London (1)

6a architects . photos: © Johan Dehlin . + yellowtrace

Across a long and narrow plot in West London, 6a architects has designed a series of three buildings and gardens for photographer Juergen Teller.
With few views out, daylight comes through concrete beams that march the length of the site and support north lights in the roof or from the gardens that separate the buildings. Poured concrete external walls mesh the new building into the residual frag­ments of existing brick boundaries.
The new buildings contain offices, an archive, a top lit studio space, a kitchen, a library, and an ensemble of ancillary rooms. Continue reading 6a


Luca Selva

City-Gate . Basel

Luca Selva . City-Gate . Basel (1)

Luca Selva Architekten . photos: © Ruedi Walti

The masterplan for the development of the City-Gate plot in Basel was designed by Diener & Diener architects. In interaction with the existing villa on the woody area, four tall, loosely placed structures form an open interior space. The primary theme of the buildings designed by Diener & Diener, Herzog & de Meuron and Luca Selva architects is the forest clearing. Hence the massive concrete columns of the eleven storey building appear to grow straight from the soil and, like trees, they narrow towards the top. The three diverse types of columns give the external supporting structure a strong and lively appearance. The facilities open to the public are located on the ground floor, the nursing care places are found on the 1st and 2nd floor and on the floors above are the 100 apartments for elderly people. The smartness of the floorplans lies in the well proportioned compactness of the layout that arranges the rooms around a central kitchen. Continue reading Luca Selva