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The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) has unveiled a redesign of SANAA’s Sydney Modern, now a $344 million expansion project. The original design was based on an estimated project budget of $450 million. Continue reading SANAA


Sauter von Moos

Panton Stube | Kunsthalle Basel

© Walter Mair

Charlotte von Moos + Florian Sauter

The task was to permanently install a lamp by the Danish designer Verner Panton, which he had originally designed for his home, at the Kunsthalle in Basel. A corner room in the museum’s ground floor was allocated for that purpose, which adjacent and annexed to the Kunsthalle Restaurant should be used by the latter but also offer space for special events in the future. Continue reading Sauter von Moos



Casa da Musica . Porto

© Philippe Ruault

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The past thirty years have seen frantic attempts by architects to escape the domination of the “shoe-box” concert hall. Rather than struggle with the inescapable acoustic superiority of this traditional shape, the Casa da Musica attempts to reinvigorate the traditional concert hall in another way: by redefining the relationship between the hallowed interior and the general public outside. The Casa da Musica, the new home of the National Orchestra of Porto, stands on a new public square in the historic Rotunda da Boavista. It has a distinctive faceted form, made of white concrete, which remains solid and believable in an age of too many icons. Inside, the elevated 1,300-seat (shoe box-shaped) Grand Auditorium has corrugated glass facades at either end that open the hall to the city and offer Porto itself as a dramatic backdrop for performances. Casa da Musica reveals its contents without being didactic; at the same time, it casts the city in a new light. Continue reading OMA