Mlynice refurbishment . Bratislava

GUTGUT .  Mlynice refurbishment . Bratislava (17)

GUTGUT . photos: © Jakub Skokan a Martin Tůma (BoysPlayNice) . + archinfo

Conversion of the former industrial building Mlynica combines living and working with the ambition of creating a unique community on a vast brownfield site in Bratislava. Our project demonstrates the possibilities of transforming a former industrial site into new functional uses creatively adapted to the limits of the current building regulations. The rigid frame structure is complemented by transparent partition walls and wood infill panels. The contrast of old and new highlights the quality of the original building on which the project proposal was based. Continue reading GUTGUT


Carolina Díaz de Argandoña

AIRPORT SWEET AIRPORT: A city of makeshift living

Carolina Díaz de Argandoña . AIRPORT SWEET AIRPORT A city of makeshift living (7)

Carolina Díaz de Argandoña Araujo

The project proposes a new understanding of the “airport” by questioning its specifically functional and required‐by‐protocol view and questioning the “no‐place” concept commonly associated.
Analysing contemporary ways of dwelling, where many travel carrying “their home” in a suitcase, the domestic area can be found anywhere we are. Continue reading Carolina Díaz de Argandoña


Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Siempre que mantengamos el control sobre la evocación –no es cuestión de ir exponiendo nuestras crisis por ahí- a la larga preferimos rememorar las situaciones traumáticas a mantenerlas ocultas. No se trata exactamente de una inclinación masoquista. Aunque resulte doloroso, solemos acabar prefiriendo conocernos a nosotros mismos a mantener la mentira, que tan bien representamos ante los demás, de que nunca pasó nada.

Carlos Cachón