Torres . Polo

Zoco | Europan 15 . Raufoss

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Antonio Torres . Fernando Polo

Throughout a preliminary study of the project site, we can picture Raufoss as a small village with great urban connections surrounded by farming areas and woodlands, hosting one of the biggest industrial parks in Norway. Following an initial thorough analysis, the need to free up the space around the buildings which is currently being prioritised for cars, seems obvious in order to give it back to the people and create a new urban identity. The piece of land beneath our feet is assumed in an active way and can become the “real building” of this new concept of city. The project breaks with the existing urban fabric through an element which provides large scale order in a flexible and consistent way. There will be some non-built spaces that will focus on establishing a careful treatment in the landscape areas in a more singular and expressive way. Continue reading Torres . Polo



NVC House . Ponta Delgada

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Salworks . + archdaily

Giving a new chance to a ruined building whose roof had collapsed after a fire in the mid-90s of the past century was the starting point to designing this house. Singularly placed and out of scale, erected in a sort of no man’s land between high-traffic roads with different heights, a green wasteland, a commercial area, a sea view above the thick and disorganized agglomeration of houses bordered to the south by the Atlantic Ocean, and another one at the top of the mountain to the east with the city to the west, the intervention was necessarily large. Continue reading Salworks


Abruzzo Bodziak

maharishi Tribeca . New York

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Abruzzo Bodziak Architects . photos: © Naho Kubota

Abruzzo Bodziak Architects (ABA) have designed British clothing brand maharishi’s first store outside of London. The flagship store is situated in a landmarked Tribeca loft building on Lispenard Street, running between Broadway and West Broadway. The two level store is a building-within-a-building: the project preserves the space’s historic details by placing the new shop inside the existing interior, floating within it. Continue reading Abruzzo Bodziak