Katyń Museum . Warsaw

BBGK . Katyń Museum . Warsaw  (5)

BBGK Architekci . photos: © Juliusz Sokoêowski

Concrete. Durable material to perform construction design functions, yet so engagingly malleable. When stained, seem to be losing its technical literacy, obtaining nobility of stone. Ages beautifully, interacts with light. During summer it gets warm and pleasant to touch, in winter it remains cold and unapproachable.
We decided to use brick colour for the concrete while working on Katyn Museum in order to softly merge it into the ancient walls of Citadel. As an absolutely unique military object in Warsaw, Kaponeira had to be treated with due respect to its integrity, but also significantly reconstructed to meet the requirement of the modern day museum space. We created various interior and exterior elements using raw stained concrete, which throughout the exhibition serves as a means of architectural expression, caring prints of personal belongings of Katyn victims.
Katyn Museum is there to commemorate a painful episode of Polish history which took place during the World War II when over a twenty thousands of Polish military officers and state officials were brutally murdered by the Soviet Secret Police. Continue reading BBGK



Technologies of the Public (Spaces) T.O.P.S. Zagreb

elii .Technologies of the Public Spaces T.O.P.S. Zagreb (1)


Let’s imagine a set of interactive technologies that give us the chance to speculate experiment with public spaces, opening them up to the potential for unsuspected situations. Continue reading elii


Studio Vulkan


© Daniela Valentini

Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur . + landezine

Today the urban dweller searches for increasingly powerful experiences of “landscape“ and “nature“ in shrinking territories on the edge of town. It has become the charge of the landscape architect to look for new languages which at once immerse us in the sensations of landscape while providing functional space for recreational uses. Thus a genre of “soft tourism“ rethinks recreational space. The City of Uster is surrounded by three distinct landscape typologies, each with a strong atmosphere and materiality: woodlands, glacial drumlins and lake marshes. For a new path encircling the city our design proposes a circular void, a “looking glass“ or cyclorama from which to immerse oneself and observe these various landscapes. The first phase, three woodland plazas, has just been completed. Continue reading Studio Vulkan


Bétillon . Freyermuth

new gymnasium . Villefranche de Lauragais

Bétillon . Freyermuth . new gymnasium . Villefranche de Lauragais (1)

Raphaël Bétillon & Guillaume Freyermuth with CTV

In a text written in 2001 entitled The Default Aesthetic,Vanilla flavored beauty, the artist Etienne Cliquet defines the bases of a new aesthetic appeared on the Internet of the relation between man and machine. It shows itself in the form of oldfashioned, simple interfaces, result of a collaboration man / computer in which the design is totally absent. Indeed, the established dialogue can be only pragmatic, the machine lacking any shape of sensibility. Continue reading Bétillon . Freyermuth