Picado De Blas

Centro de eventos la arboleda del Sur . Ezcaray

Picado - De Blas . Centro de eventos la arboleda del Sur . Ezcaray afasia (1)

Picado – De Blas Arquitectos . photos: © Eugeni Pons . + plataforma arquitectura

El camino de Santiago discurre por el valle y villa de Ezcaray, un enclave que posee un gran patrimonio natural y uno de los conjuntos de arquitectura popular más interesantes de La Rioja. Inevitablemente su “genius loci” determina el proceso de este proyecto. Continue reading Picado De Blas


Daniel G. Baird

Echo (Right) . 2019

01 Daniel G. Baird . Echo (Right) . 2019


In murmur, most of the small fountain-sculptures have a form that suggests a daffodil. For Baird, this flower shape represents the passageway—both real and allegorical—from the outside world into the cave and vice versa. Allegedly derived from one of his cave scans, the petals radiate around the nexus through which the water flows. And the flower of course invokes broader themes of life and rebirth beyond the allusions of its physical form, a delicate and ephemeral thing recast in immutable bronze. Continue reading Daniel G. Baird



Elcano . Madrid

FRPO . Elcano . Arganzuela afasia (2)

FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol ARCHITECTS . photos: © Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Elcano is a treeless street in the district of Arganzuela, next to Madrid city center, the Reina Sofia Museum and Atocha Station. Years ago, the area was occupied by low-rise buildings, warehouses, workshops and other secondary uses that, in recent decades, have been replaced with a series of industrial-like housing buildings lying amid more conventional ones.
The old workshops occupied the plots entirely. The regulations, restricting the building to a 12 m depth, produces some interior free areas that are often occupied with gardens and pools, something not very common in the neighborhood that gives a kind of unique quality to these developments.
The project is located on the second block of the street, between party walls, and occupies the maximum volume allowed by the regulations: a 22 x 12 m trapezoidal floorplan -coinciding with the boundaries of the site- with a height of about 14 m. Continue reading FRPO


Fiechter & Salzmann

School facility . Hünenberg

Fiechter & Salzmann  . School facility . Hünenberg afasia (1)

Fiechter & Salzmann Architekten

The existing school building from the 1970s is a very extensive, spatially expansive two-to-three storey volume with 16 classrooms in the centre of Hünenberg. The façade had to be replaced due to its poor condition. The small classrooms needed enlargement to fulfil today’s requirements and were extended to include four new classrooms. Continue reading Fiechter & Salzmann